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Wyeast 3711 French Saison

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Hi All. Thinking about doing a Saison de Noel before xmas. I have never done a saison of any type so I am wondering about WY3711. Can anyone who has used it give me their impressions? Would you recommend it over the Belgian Saison strain? What kind of attenuation should I expect? The average is listed at 80% and I want to get as much as possible.

Would you recommend any other yeast to brew this style?

I just saw that there is a similar string regarding Saison de Noel....I can probably get good info from that

WLP 566.  Attenuates well and doesn't have the stalled fermentation issue of WLP 565 (Dupont).  I did a BGSA/Saison blend last year that went from the 1.10 range down to about 1.008 with it.  Have heard good things about wy3711 though. 

Thanks for that...looks like a good strain according to the reviews and it appearst to attenuate a bit more.

i did a french saison and used the 3711 and it took my 1.075 og down to 1.008. i double pitched. if i would have given more time i am sure it would have gone lower but wanted to keep some sugar in there.


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