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Custom Refrigerated Fermentation Chamber & Beer Cellar Cabinet

After messing around with fermentation chambers that used frozen containers of ice to heep them cool, we decided to build an upright cabinet with build in refrigeration. The top of the cabinet is used as a fermatation chamber. The bottom of the cabinet is setup to cellar bottle of beer.
We used industrial metal shelves to handle all the weight. And we designed the cabinet so that it could be easily opened for cleaning and moving to a new location. Enjoy the video and design. Let us know if you have any questions.

That is awesome!!! Great job man, i have something like that in mind i'd like to make once we buy a house.

nice job!

I just have one question:
Is there a reason you decided to put the fermenation part up top and not on the bottom? It seems like it would be easier to place and remove full buckets/carboys into the lower section than having to lift them in and out of the top section. Is there a technical reason or just preference?

What is the temperature like in the bottom section? How consistent is it?

This is a great build, i can't wait until warmer weather to start working on mine.


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