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Hey dudes,

I get a stuck sparge often and no matter how much water or how little water I use I seem to have a stuck sparge 8 out of 10 times.  I am draining through a bazooka screen.  I tend to grind my barley very fine.  Do you all think this is the issue?  Thanks  :o


Try increasing the gap in your mill and slow down your lauter. Might take some fiddling but it will fix your problem. Some will say " use rice hulls" but I think rice hulls are dirty and worthless.

I'll try it.  Thanks!   :o

I've been getting a lot of stuck sparges too. Especially towards the end of the sparge and I know my mill is too tight but I haven't loosened it off yet either. Need to do so.

Try malt conditioning.  Very slightly dampening the husks prior to crushing the grain can substantially improve the quality of the husks, which is the easiest way to improve lautering and reduce the chance of a stuck sparge.


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