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BIAB efficiency

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Unless you're squeezing wort out of the grains, it will be the same as a batch sparge with the same volumes.

75-80% squeezing the bag and a single batch sparge.

I mash in a bag too and get anywhere from 75% to 80%. Most of the time, I mash for 60 to 90 minutes as I'm doing things around the house. Post-mash, I "dunk" sparge and squeeze my bag too :)


--- Quote from: beersk on November 03, 2012, 06:10:45 PM ---I've only done 2 batches, but I got around 80% efficiency.  I mill pretty fine, gap is set at .030" on my barley crusher. As Jake Keeler says, I goose it to keep the mash temp in line.  I mash in my kettle, have a steamer rack on the bottom (so I don't scorch the bag or grain) with a chain going up to the handles so I can pull it out after the mash. I like it a lot.  Today will be my first time doing full volume mash.  The last 2 batches I did partial volume mashes, like I used to with a cooler setup.
Brew in a bag is a kick ass method. Oh, and I do 3 gallon batches, so it suits me pretty well.

--- End quote ---
So I did the full volume last Saturday evening.  I got right at 75% efficiency.  Solid. Crushing finer is the key to getting a good efficiency with brew in a bag. I also mash for 75 minutes or so, but I'm not entirely sure that's necessary.

I get 81% when I do "sparge" by rinsing the grains with some hot water.  I'm not going to sparge anymore in future and figure my efficiency will fall probably to low 70s.  BIAB is a very viable method, especially for small batches (I make 3 gallons or less) although I have a friend whose grandmother sewed him an enormous pillowcase and he makes 15-gallon batches with BIAB.  He has a pulley system to lift the grain bag out and to let it drip out.  He loves it and wouldn't have it any other way.  Awesome.


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