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Learn to Homebrew Event Pictures - Seacoast Homebrew Club


Here are some pictures from the Learn to Homebrew Day event at A&G Homebrew Supply ( ) in Portsmouth, NH.  The Seacoast Homebrew Club had 7 separate brew sessions going, for a total of 35 gallons.  We had first time brewers and first all grain brewers.  We all did a porter, which we are going to add to a Jim Beam barrel. 

It was a little chiily when we started, but the sun came out later.  Just proves that homebrew makes everything better  ;D

My car, packed and ready to go.  First time I've taken my brew on the road.

That's what I am talking about right there! Looks a little chilly as well.

We had a good turnout in Norfolk at Homebrew USA. Had all grain and extract classes going. So windy that my single infusion felt like a double decoction regarding time of brewday ;)

For our extract brew we did an Apple Wheat. For the all-grain side we dod a big Double IPA. Fun Fun Fun!


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