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Lost Hog
« on: November 21, 2012, 08:52:52 PM »
This year was the Wort Hog's 20th anniversary and to commemorate the event we collaborated with Lost Rhino, a small local brewery in the area, to brew an anniversary beer. 

The club decided on a Belgian dark strong and and over the course of three days a couple months ago we brewed three 25 barrel batches of it on their system.  Earlier this month another crew from the club went out and helped them bottle and keg.  All the bottling was in corked and capped 750s.

A few weekends ago we had a tapping party in their taproom and it really turned out nicely.  It's rich and delicious, a good example of the style.  It's still a bit on the boozy size but it's pretty young still and should age well.  Served at around 50F or a little warmer it's a really nice sipping beer.

They made it available to club members at a nice discount before they distributed the rest and I just picked up a case this afternoon.  The growler of it I also picked up will be making a trip with me to Thanksgiving dinner.

It was a very cool experience helping to brew it.  The head brewer/co-owner Favio basically threw open his brewery and said, "Let me know if you need any help."

Here's a picture of me stirring the mash tun on the first brew day with a couple fellow club members in the background  ;D

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