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I just found out that a family of a friend owns a barrel company. He can get me charred oak barrels. I can buy new ones, used 1 time and used 2 times. Also there are used with bourbon, whiskey, tequila an rum. I was thinking a 1 time used barrel of whiskey or bourbon. Any thoughts? I want it for imperial stout.

I'd go with the 1 time used bourbon barrel.


If you get a new barrel or a used barrel that has been recharred, you wouldn't get any liquor flavor I imagine.  On the other hand, you would get plenty of the sweet, dark char flavor.

The best beer I ever made was an Imperial Stout aged in a whiskey barrel. The whiskey came out on Monday and we had the beer in it on the following Friday.


--- Quote from: theDarkSide on November 06, 2012, 09:46:11 PM ---I'd go with the 1 time used bourbon barrel.


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The SBL has used an apple brandy barrel for a Belgian Triple.  That was a 2-3 time use before we got it.


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