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Using grain bag for Partical Mash (Mini Mash)

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This is the first time I'm brewing a Partial mash recipe, when mashing the grain (steeping) is it best to use a large Muslin bag or just ad the grains in the water and use a strainer to collect the grains after the mash?

When I was doing PM I used a bag. Less chance of mess.

Think of it as a large tea-bag. Works fantastic.

Any idea on how much gains will fit in a large muslin bag?  The place I got it from stated 3 - 5 lbs.  I bought two large muslin bags, would I be able to add the grains to mash into one large bag or even separate the gains in two different bags to make sure I have room for the grains to swell? I have about 5lbs of grains to mash.

I'd do it all in one bag if the grain will fit. It swells but not that much. You'll need some way to lift the bag out of the hot wort without burning yourself. Then you can let it drain by hanging it somehow or hold it there. It's ok to squeeze the bag.

I like to the steep as a mini-mash @ 2qt/lb in a bag in a separate pot. Remove it and get all the liquid I can then dunk it in the primary pot of water before adding the extract. That way you get some extra goodness.


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