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Dry hopping and age of hops Q?


I just dry hopped in the keg on a pale ale, Amarillo whole leaf hops that are about 1.5 years old.  I also used them in the brewing additions along with Centennial.  They both smelled very good in the brew kettle but the Amarillo was the first and only hop I had vacuum sealed using a vacuum sealer that wasn't as good as our FoodSaver vac sealer, the cheaper sealer couldn't pull all the air out and the hops were still a bit "fluffy" when we sealed the bag.  Even the bag material was inferior.  So I'm wondering what to expect?  Two days in the keg and I don't get any luscious aroma and I pick up a "green" taste... do you think I should pull them out?  Other than that the beer seems fine, maybe a bit dry but I think I'm having personal issues with dryness or something.

dean - you should always try and save your freshest, best kept hops for the aroma/dryhop additions and if you have any questionable ones, use them with more boil time.  I think that goes without saying. 

in terms of what you're doing, if they looked okay and smelled alright - they are probably just fine.  2 days in to dryhopping is often a 'green time' IME, so I wouldn't put any stake in what you perceive at this early of a stage.

Go drink one of those Hopslams you have - that'll a). keep your mind of it and b). probably knock you out.

Hahahaa!  The sixer of Hopslam didn't make it more than a couple of days.   :D  There are some BigFoot in the back of the fridge thats been staring at me though.   ;)  I've got 3 other carboys at different stages of fermenting too so it won't be long and I'll have plenty of choices.   ;D

Btw... the Hopslam is definitely a "hop flavor lover's" beer.  I didn't think it was all that bitter but absolutely fantastic to drink no-less.   8)  I'd like to make a few like it! 


--- Quote from: dean on February 22, 2010, 04:08:48 PM ---Btw... the Hopslam is definitely a "hop flavor lover's" beer.  I didn't think it was all that bitter but absolutely fantastic to drink no-less.   8)  I'd like to make a few like it!  

--- End quote ---

agreed - I'm usually an anti-Hopslam guy b/c I feel its overhyped and doesn't stand up to the likes of Pliny, Maharaja, Exponential, Big-A etc. but I picked up a case while I was in Tampa (am divying it out to my brewclub buddies - not all for me) and I must say, it is very impressive this year.

still not my ideal IIPA, but I will be enjoying the bottles I got.


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