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using gelatin when bottling


Hey guys. In the past I was advised not to use gelatin when bottling due to possble carbing issues. I am sure this topic is posted up here somewhere but I was too lazy to look around.

Honestly, I have more issues keeping the settled yeast out of the glass but I was just curious as to what the consensus is with this. When I was kegging, I would use whirlfloc at the end of the boil and gelatin when racking to the keg. This gave great results. Now that I am back to bottling, I just use whirlfloc. My clarity is actually pretty good but always looking to improve...

Any input or advice?

I think that, in theory, the fear is that the gelatin would pull the suspended yeast out of suspension, thus giving you flat beer. But I don't think that gelatin pulls out 100% of yeast - and it is only really effective at cold temperatures anyway. I know British brewers add priming sugar and isinglass at the same time to carbonate and clear their kegs - I suspect the same would work fine with gelatin. That said, I have never tried it. I would sooner use gelatin in the fermenter (along with a cold crash) and then bottle.


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