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Wet milling fail / I'm an idiot

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I usually condition my malt and double-mill it, but I've never had it jam up so horrendously before.

I had that happen once.  I got overly enthusiastic with the spray bottle.  Lucky for me that I got the whole batch milled before it completely seized up.  It did allow me to learn exactly how to disassemble and reassemble my mill so something good came out of it.

I still condition my grains but very lightly.

Sorry you had to clean up that mess.



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--- Quote from: euge on November 14, 2012, 07:53:07 PM ---Looks suspiciously familiar to my one and only "malt conditioning" attempt. FWIW I get nearly whole husks as it is. Not worth the hassle.

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yeah - I forgot how I did that for a while - monumental waste of time.

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I wouldn't say it's a monumental waste of time, just not really worth the effort.  I conditioned my grain for a while and I still got stuck run offs when using oats, that was the whole reason I conditioned! So I said, eff it, if it's not going to help, than forget about it. Besides it's harder to crank my barley crusher when the grain is conditioned.

yeah. It's not actually "wet" milling for a reason. The grain is not supposed to be wet for the reason you have experienced. It's only supposed to be moistened and then the moisture is allowed to be absorbed by the husks for a few minutes. If you submerse your grain in water you'll add too much water.

There is actual wet milling which mills the grain while submersed in water. But you need a different mill for that.

As for the benefits, I still do it but can't say that it makes much of a difference.


Wow, that is some serious moisture. I condition the grain with a spray bottle as I am dumping it from scale to bucket. I just spray the grain as it falls in. I always let it sit at least 20 minutes before milling after all that spraying as well. It does make my grain bed seem "fluffier".

We live and learn right? At the very least it is a wild photo. How much grain were you milling there?


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