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I've been working on brewing an Apricot Wheat along the lines of a Pyramid or the one from Ottos is State College, PA.  I've tried with pureed frozen apricots and the alcohol based flavoring that comes in the small 4 oz. bottles.  Both of these have come out fine but not exactly what I'm looking for.  I was told on a tour of Ottos that they use an apricot flavored syrup that they add to secondary(rumor is Pyramid does the same) but they wouldn't go into much more detail.  I've done some googling looking for something like a flavored high fructose corn syrup but have come up short.  Does anyone have an idea on what type of syrup they may be using and where to buy it?

Jimmy K:
What they use most likely isn't "syrup" but rather concentrated apricot juice such as this -
I have no idea where you could buy small quantities though.

quick google search returns...

not sure it's exactly what you want but it's worth a try


--- Quote from: morticaixavier on November 15, 2012, 03:50:48 PM ---quick google search returns...

not sure it's exactly what you want but it's worth a try

--- End quote ---

That was the closest thing I saw when I looked, pancake syrup basically.  I'll probably try something like this for my next batch and see how it turns out.  The real nice thing about the alcohol based one is that you can a little to the keg and increase it until you get your desired taste.  I guess I was hoping that someone had already tried the syrup and had some feedback.

Jimmy K:
I used a date syrup which is similar. Dates are the first ingredient, but there is also added sugar. I would have preferred something only made with dates, but couldn't find it. The date flavor was still prominent though and came through in the beer. I'd use it again.  --- So I guess it depends on how much sugar they've added to that apricot, but it will probably work pretty well.  Might get expensive too, I'd guess you'd need two or three bottles for 5 gal.
A big advantage of the syrups is they are basically packaged sterile and you don't have to worry about fruit bits.


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