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Mine almost always just fall right out with a couple of gentle taps.  I do have one frankenkeg though that I've tried multiple types of poppets in with no success.  I've been thinking of trying the universal poppets in it but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Thanks for your replies. I am going to replace the poppet I bent with the universal poppet.

I have about 3 of the universals in use, and one in reserve, just in case.

I try and take them out each time as well. Even when running cleaner and sanitizer through them under pressure then taking them out I've found residuals in them.

Some of the ones that are really tight just need the feet squeezed together a bit to come out more easily. Most if not all sit on top of the dip tubes when snug, so no reason they need to be jammed up into the post itself.

In The Sand:
I've yet to take the liquid poppet out since I run BLC through, but I'm pretty new at this.  I tried once, but it was pretty difficult since I didn't have the right tools for the job, so I gave up.  You shouldn't need to take the gas side out, should you?


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