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I figured as the most "food-centric" holiday of the year, we should talk about it on the forums.

This year, I plan on inventing my side dish based on what comes out of my CSA box that comes thanksgiving morning. I also plan on trying to convince my mother in law to let me spatchcock her turkey this year. Also probably make homemade cranberry sauce (my in-laws don't know what they are missing).

Beer-wise, I haven't had much time to brew, so I will be bringing my Scotch ale and Dubbel to drink with dinner.

What are your plans for thanksgiving?

Was gonna do a spatchcocked capon but have been invited by family to go out of town. Glad I didn't buy that expensive capon!

Probably have Baked Pineapple, turkey, carrots and greenbean casserole with crispy onions...

If the weather is warm enough next week, I'll be smoking the turkey.  If not, it will be roasted in the oven.  We got the best sweet corn from the in-laws who have a farm up in Cresco, Iowa.  Gonna do Guy Fieri's green bean casserole (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/guy-fieri/green-bean-casserole-with-homemade-mushroom-gravy-recipe/index.html), which we did last year and was a huge hit.  Home made stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and home made mac-n-chesse (special request from my 3-yr-old daughter). 

Haven't attempted homemade cranberry sauce yet, but will try it eventually.  For now, just going w/ canned whole cranberry sauce.  I think my wife looks forward to the leftover turkey sandwiches which we grill some sourdough bread, add the turkey, slab of stuffing (warmed up in cast iron skillet), turkey gravy, cranberry-pineapple sauce and mandarin oranges. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all and looking forward to seeing what everyone else does (and probably ripping off a few ideas from you!)

 Spatchcocked turkey on the grill with an ancho/smoked paprika rub and an apple sage glaze.  Fresh cranberry sauce, as I do every year.  My wife will be making cornbread dressing and a chocolate pecan pie.  Guests will be bringing the rest.  But mainly I'm looking forward to having furniture in the house again since our renovations will be done on Tues!

If you haven't made a gravy with the drippings from a smoked turkey, you haven't lived yet!!! Put the giblets in a pan with some chicken or turkey stock and place under the bird. When done, discard giblets (wife make me do that) and add starch or flour. Makes for a great base for turkey pot pies also!


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