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brown stout:

I have been home brewing beer for the past five years and have always had in the back of my mind to make a mead.  I have recently picked up some stoneware mead bottles that were used in Baltimore, Maryland during the 1840-1850's time frame and thought now was the time to make some mead.  What would you suggest that I make.



That's a pretty broad question. What do you like in beer? Fruit? Spice? Plain? You can make almost anything... Use apple juice (cyser) in it, if you like a cider, or spices. My first mead I used ginger, cinnamon, and clove (metheglin). Came out fantastic. I currently have two fruit meads (melomels) going: an apricot and a peach mead. The possibilities, like beer are endless. And in my opinion, meads are easier than beer to make. (They just take longer)  Do you like sweet? Dry? Carbonated or still?

I would suggest trying a true, plain mead, get a feel for the flavors. Then play with it. Or like me, I tried several different store bought and home brewed meads before making my first.

brown stout:
Thanks, Ben. My favorite beers are Strong Ales and Barley Wines.  I like your suggestion.  I will start plain and work from there.


Avoid Barkshack Ginger Mead.  Nasty! (IMHO).  I would suggest trying some kind of a fruit mead.  Fruit in the mead lends nutrients and stability.  Most of all read Ken Schramm's book The Complete Meadmaker.

Please tell us more about the antique mead bottles you found.

Barkshack had toooo much ginger... 
And +1000 on the Ken Schramm book, excellent book on meads.


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