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So I just got a new tap rite regulator hooked it up tested for leaks. Nothing at all. Problem is this...if I out my ear up really close to the regulator I can hear the tank running gas still. Even minutes later.  Sounds like a tiny leak but I'm positive its not. Anyone ever heard of this before?

Its almost like I can hear this faint whisp. Its been 5 minutes and its lessening. Still there though. Tank would have run out long ago if it was a leak but for months this tank has been going strong

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Joe Sr.:
Shut off the tank and see if you still hear it.

I did. It stops immediately

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I would assume it is a leak then.  Did you check the connection between the CO2 tank and the regulator? 

I'm really just asking the question here, but could the leak be inside the regulator?  A pin hole in the diaphragm or a seal?  Maybe the pipe going into the regulator head?

Sorry that I only have questions and no answers.  I am intrigued to see what others think.



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