Author Topic: Does longer fermentation = longer diacetyl rest?  (Read 4880 times)

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Re: Does longer fermentation = longer diacetyl rest?
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2012, 10:55:01 PM »
My question is why would you need a diacetyl rest for a Belgian strain?  In my experience diacetyl is common in lager and English yeasts, but I have never encountered it in Belgian yeasts. Acetaldehyde, yes, if removed from the yeast to soon before it finishes fermentation and cleans up by-products.  Also, pitching at that high of a temp would more likely produce acetaldehyde vs. diacetyl.

FWIW, I rarely do a D-rest.  Even on lagers.  I you pitch an appropriate amount of yeast and ferment on the cold end of the ferment time, the yeast will eventually clean up the diacetyl and other by-products of fermentation.

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