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Force carbonation with beer gas

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I just got my set up in to put my beers on beer gas.  I was wondering do I force carbonate with CO2 like I normally do and then serve with beer gas or do I force carb and serve with the beer gas and at what pressures?

"Beergas" vs CO2 I would assume means a nitrogen mix. Usually used on stouts, but I guess you can use it on anything.

Thats the plan, and may throw a few other styles on there just for the fun of it.

But you're gonna nitrogen all the beers - regardless of style?

I plan on using beer gas for stouts and then maybe a few other styles just for fun.  I already have a system using co2 for all of my other beers using just co2.  Just not sure about how to force carbonate beers using "beer gas".


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