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So, my wife and I are looking to purchase a house in the next few months.  Once we move out of our tiny apartment, I'll be able to take my brewing to the next level - all grain, so I'm attempting to put a wishlist of equipment and upgrades together.  My first purchase will most likely be a turkey fryer with 30qt pot - I want to add weldless conversion kit so i don't have to siphon the wort out like I currently do.  My question is - what goes between the wort and the break material/hops?  I've been looking online and stuff like the bazooka screen and some of the false bottoms say they're only good for leaf hops.  Is there a false bottom that will work for pellet hops or are these kettles usually set up that they don't have anything there?  Thanks.

I use a bag when I'm not using my homegrown hops.

Right now, I used a 30 qt aluminum kettle. I put a sanitized paint strainer bag into my sanitized fermenting bucket. When the wort has cooled to pitching temps in my kettle I dump everything into the bucket. I then pull the bag out letting the wort drain and filter. When I use a lot of hops it can take a bit to get the full batch filtered but has worked great so far.

Sorry...I know this doesn't really apply if you plan to modify the kettle.

I can't answer your main question, as I still rack my beer off of the break material. However, my suggestion for you would be to skip the 30qt turkey fryer and get at least a 10 or 15 gal pot.  You will need a 10gal pot if you plan on doing all grain 5-6 gal batches.

I use a 30 qt kettle for 5.5 gallon batches but it is pretty tight. I get a preboil volume of 6.5 gallons but need to watch as it comes up to a boil to ensure it doesn't boil over. You may want to go for a 60 qt kettle though in case you decide to step it up to 10 gallon batches at any point.


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