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Why the preference for Ball Lock?

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I have always wondered this but never posted it in any forum before. Why do most homebrewers prefer ball lock? Pin Lock has so many advantages over ball lock. You can't mix up the gas with the beverage post (or vice versa) by accident. Both the gas and beverage QDC come off so much easier and never get stuck (sometimes my Ball Lock kegs have issues going on and off especially when it has sat for a while). And yet, even though I have pin and ball lock kegs I find myself preferring the ball lock for some reason and I can't figure it out.

Maybe because they are easier to find? But that doesn't cover your preference at home. They are certainly more sturdy and the QDs are better. Until recently the pin-locks included metal fittings. I use pin-locks for fermenting because they are shorter and fit into my little fridge better. And I can fit more ball-locks into my serving fridge because they are a little thinner. I just found out that there are 2 different sizes of "5 gallon" pin-locks and mine seem to be a little bigger than my ball-locks. Some day I'll get around to measuring them.

Yeah, I think it is because they are a lot easier to come by. Myself, I use pin, because they just work so much easier in my setup. I had a couple balls, but took them back to the LHBS, and swapped them for pins. So much easier to use, IMO.

I started out with Pin Lock. Here a while back I came across a good deal on a bunch of Ball Lock kegs so I switched basically so I would be compatible with everyone else as there are times I swap kegs with fellow brewers.

I have to say I really prefer the Pin Lock myself as well. We have a Coca Cola plant here so it is actually not hard at all to find Pin Locks here. Coke even still uses them at some accounts around here. I took my daughter to her favorite ice cream shop after school a while back and the Coke driver came in with a dolly full of Pin Locks for the shop/

One of my client radio stations is owned by the local Dr. Pepper Company. All the free cornie kegs I want. They are ball lock . .

That's why!   :D


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