Author Topic: Electric Skateboard vs. Electric Scooter: Which One Should Buy?  (Read 275 times)

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Electric Skateboard vs. Electric Scooter: Which One Should Buy?
« on: February 04, 2021, 02:45:47 pm »
Electric skateboards and electric scooters are very interesting devices that you can use to commute both in the morning and at night. If you are wondering which one to choose, this article will compare these two types of devices based on a few typical criteria such as price, comfort, style and recognition, and so on.

If you follow the suggestions below, you will never make a wrong decision when having to make the decision. No more waiting, let's dive into it now!


Riding comfort depends on a variety of factors such as the skateboard or scooter model you choose. Overall, both are anti-shake and have features that can maximize comfort to riders.

The scooter has a very huge advantage that the handlebars help to reduce the pressure on your feet and calves. The electric skateboards also have flexible decks, foamy grip-tape, and large wheels. The great combination of these will make you have a great experience with your e-skateboard.

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Both devices are very practical and easy to carry around or hide somewhere in your office when you commute to work. The difference can come from the wheels. E-skateboards are using urethane wheels, while e-scooters use pneumatic tires.

The advantage of pneumatic tires is that they can handle cracks and bumps on the road easily. Urethane wheels, on the other hand, are not good at this term. If you are riding without close attention and your board hits a stone, you could end up landing your face on the road. Clearly, you will not have the best experience with your e-board.

In this term, the e-scooter may be the winner. But riding on an e-skateboard on a sunny day is definitely pleasing. If you can afford both of these, then that could be a great idea. You can use them interchangeably.


As you may know, the price of these motorized devices are quite expensive but not that kind of unaffordable.

To be able to buy them you need a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the model. The price of the electric skateboard is slightly higher than the price of the e-scooter. This can be explained by market scope.

E-skateboards have smaller economies of scale. The less e-scooters that are made, the higher the price becomes. And another reason is, electric skateboards are harder to drive, so people seldom choose them, therefore, the price remains high.

Maintenance needed

Although urethane wheels do not have much advantage on uneven terrain, they never puncture. Pneumatic tires in e-scooters, on the other hand, need more frequent check. Make sure the tire has enough air and does not puncture. Usually, you have to check pneumatic tires every week.

For long journeys with e-scooters, the best way to prevent tire puncture interruptions, you need to bring with you a puncture repair outfit and a mini pump to keep the wheels fully aired during the trip.For electric skateboards, you just need to check and make sure the motors are kept clean and dry. You should check the board once a month.

Top speed

The fastest electric skateboard speed recorded globally is over 90 mph. Electric skateboards do not limit you; you are the one who limits the boards. You are the person who decides to go fast or slow.

I think now you can know which one you should choose between these two types of devices, right? Or if you have economic conditions, you can buy both of them at a time to change each day. Good luck!

If you have any questions regarding electric skateboards or accessories, please visit and refer to the eSkateBuddy website.

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Re: Racking beer off fruit
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2021, 09:00:03 pm »
The solution is to increase your batch size to account for your total volume loss, so that you ultimately end up with a full 5 gallons in the keg. For example, for a typical beer I target an end-of-boil volume of 7 gal in the kettle, which gets me 6 gal in the fermenter, which gets me a full 5 gal in the keg. With IPAs, everything gets upped by at least an extra half gallon to account for absorption from the extra hops. Work backward from 5 gal to determine what your pre-boil vol should be. You need to know your boil-off rate to do this.

Whatever you do, continue transferring as gently as possible--don't dump the carboy into a funnel! That would massively oxidize the beer.

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Re: Racking beer off fruit
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2021, 09:08:50 pm »
I've made this mistake with cherries a couple times in the past. The best thing to do is puree them. I realize this doesn't help now.

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Re: Racking beer off fruit
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2021, 09:31:06 pm »
You can put the fruit in a fine mesh bag before adding the wort (or beer if doing a secondary).
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