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A friends going to NY city and wanted some suggestions on beer to have while there.

It is a big city, and it has been a few years, but my limited experience follows.

On Manhattan go to the Blind Tiger Ale house, or dba, the Gingerman, or Rattle and Hum and the Pony Bar(have not been to the last 2). If you want good beer paired with excellent food the bar side of Gramercy Tavern is a favorite.

There are more breweries in Brooklyn due to zoning and lower rent. Brooklyn Brewing if you have not been, limited hours so check. Spuyten Duyvil is a good beer bar, as is Barcade. Mugs Ale house is near Brooklyn Brewing and has East Coast beers.

All of these will have some Brooklyn, Sixpoint, and Captain Lawrence beers.

There are some German biergartens in Manhattan and the Astoria part of Queens. Even a Czech beer garden, but I have not been.

If you want a touristy place with its own pedestrian beer, McSorleys Old Ale house is a hoot. It has said to be unchanged from the time of Lincoln, and that includes the accumulation of dust.

Go to McSorley's just to have a pint among the frat-types, and then go a few doors east to Burp Castle.

Here's a tap list example: Boon Kriek, SouthernTier Creme Brûlée, Piraat, Saison Dupont, Allagash Curieux, Old Golden Hen, Corsendonk Tripel, Blackthorn, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Wells Banana Bread, Mikkeller Centenial IPA, Radeberger Pilsner. I wonder how much they want for a pint of Duchesse. I can get it for 2 eur here...

After Burp Castle, go to Standings for a good selection of craft pints, but an even better atmosphere for watching a game. Then go further east to the corner and slightly north to Pommes Frites, or a bit further north to Paul's burger joint. Then go back south, east again to Velvet lounge and smoke yerself some cigars.

That was my friday night ritual for a few years, not always the same order of course. Never fails. Also you can go a bit south to the Houston Whole Foods, they have a pretty great beer shop and at least 4 growler taps.

Also great is Blind Tiger, and from there you can walk a "few" blocks over to Spotted Pig, which has an excellent (Sixpoint-made I think?) bitter on hand pump.

Also I am mega jealous. Sigh.

Forgot about the Blind Pig. When I was there the cask bitter was from Brooklyn, but that was a while back.

The White Horse Tavern is close to all those. It has some history, beer is OK.

Forgot DBGB on the Bowery just down from where the legendary CBGB was. Gastropub with some good taps. $$$ but good.

The Whole Foods on Houston does have a very good selection.


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