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Fred Francis from Monster Mills....???

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Does anyone know him?  I sent him my three roll malt mill for repairs 4 months ago and now he won't return my calls.  I hope there is a good explanation for him not to return my calls.  I really thought he was reputable.

I don't know him, but I've had good dealings with him.  I don't know why he isn't returning calls.

Jimmy K:
I just had a "Hey wait! That's Richie" moment. Welcome back.

Yea Tod I thought it strange enough to post on all the forums I frequent to see if I can get in touch some how.  I hope I hear from him soon!!

Thanks for the welcome back!!!  I was out 100 days this time.  These trips keep getting longer and longer!!

Brewing a Barleywine Thursday Morning!!

Jimmy K:
Have you emailed them? I saw on their website that it is their preferred contact method. Not that you shouldn't call, but maybe he'll respond faster to an email. (Since he can return an email on his phone while taking a "break").


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