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Does AHA have the largest community of homebrewers?


I have not compared numbers but I would guess this community of homebrewers is fairly large.....if I had a question that I wanted as many different opinions about, what other forum would some of you suggest I go to, that is as large or larger? Thanks, Lloyd

If you're talking the forum, I don't think so, but we're new. Plus you'll find no matter what forum you're on (or what homebrew club you're involved with) there's a small core of people making most of the noise. I tend not o run around a lot on other forums these days, but there are some very active groups out there that I'm sure others will happily point you towards.

If you're talking the org itself, pretty certain. We're about 20k strong. Of course that's only a fraction of the number of homebrewers in America, but we'll keep working on that.

If Australia was organized it would be huge.
25% of brew consumed there is HB.
Driven there by high taxation.
Supposedly only 10% of that 25% is what they call craft brew or what we call AG.

21Mil population.
Quite astounding when you consider the possibilities.
And they owe it all to money grubbin' politicians.


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