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I've been starting to get an itch to brew a Maple Wine lately. Anyone here have any experience with one? I'm thinking of handling it exactly like a sack mead: Mix in enough water to target OG of 1.150; mix the hell out of it to aerate, pitch 71B rehydrated with GoFerm, staggered nutrient additions & degassing, etc. Does this sound reasonable?

I'll hit up a couple of my local sugar shacks until I find the best Grade B syrup I can get my hands on and hope I can score a bulk discount.

Jimmy K:
Never done it, but sounds reasonable. I'd expect it not to have many nutrients so treating it like honey should work. I'd check the pH too and consider adjusting acidity.

Let me know how it turns out. I have wanted to do one for a really long time but the cost ohhh the cost. I am putting 2.5 lb of maple in the barley wine I brewed this weekend and even that's gonna cost 30 bucks. you are going to need like 5 lb per gallon or more to got to 1.150 if my math is not completely off basically you are talking about 1:1 dilution with water. Syrup comes in around 1.3~1.4 so a half gallon will weigh a little over 5 lb (at 39*f).

When I was a kid in VT I could walk up the road and get a half gallon of syrup for 8 bucks if I brought my own container. I suspect even with a bulk discount a 5 gallon batch is going to be in the area of 150-300 bucks.

I will do this someday I really will. In the meantime I will follow your adventures.

Jimmy K:
A friend who makes TONS of mead told me that years ago he made a maple mead with 1/2 maple and 1/2 honey. Sadly I never had any, but he said it came out tasting much like bourbon.

Yeah, only going to do a 1-gallonish pilot batch specifically because of the cost.

Speaking of bourbon flavor - I was thinking of aging this on wood. I'd love to use maple, but I don't think I've ever seen maple cubes/chips/spirals anywhere. Although, if my only option is oak, I may wait for a future batch to try that.


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