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--- Quote from: beerrat on November 28, 2012, 11:44:19 PM ---I cheated a bit by adding orange teas at bottling to taste.  Twinings honeybush, mandarin & orange and Tazo wild sweet orange.  I really wanted the tea flavors to come out, so may have been too much as folk either loved or hated it.

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But what did YOU think?

I liked it.  I'll try it again and tune the recipe. Want to try it with some chocolate next.

Thanks for the great feedback! Notes on outcome and other stuff:

1. I think I peeled 5 oranges worth of skins in small bits.  Wherever pith was noticable, I scraped it off. 
2. The scent came out well and the bitterness was in check (taste-wise, think the calc had it around 45)  I had used 2 oz of Pellet American Fuggles  @ 4.6alpha for 90 mins.   I had a very hard time detecting any aroma prior to bottling but the conditioning (so far 13 days) has improved that signficantly.
3. I chickened out of adding fruity bits to the secondary fermenter, so no sure how that would go. 

Friend reviews have been positive.  Ultimately I think the smooth nuttiness of oatmeal the sour scent of orange may not be ideal complements. The roast barley was too much (1.25lbs)  Next round will feature more chocolate, more sweetness, and I'll go for it with the fermenter fruit bits. 


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