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First lager!!

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--- Quote from: theDarkSide on November 27, 2012, 02:04:47 PM ---My first lager ( last January ) was a Munich Helles and I got a silver at NHC.  Your results may vary (i.e. Gold :) ).

Temp control, big yeast pitch, O2, and time/patience.  I also use a method that I heard from Jamil Zainasheff about letting the wort sit overnight at fermentation temp, transferring to another vessel, hitting it with O2 and pitch the yeast.  I was amazed at how much break material formed just overnight in the first carboy.  It is now a method I use with all my lagers.  I pitch cold ( 44 F ) and let it free rise to 50 F and hold it there. 

Good luck!

--- End quote ---

That is pretty standard for the German brewers. Maybe Kai can say if they all do it. Might be something to try.

Good show on the Silver.

My first lager was a Schwarzbier, brewed on Black Friday 2011.  The last bottle was consumed last week, Black Friday 2012.

Sounds fun!! I'll try that method!!

for a standard 1.050ish lager the slurry from a gallon starter would not be too big! You will have the best results following the advice above, chill down to ~44-46, aerate big and pitch. Let it settle out ~48-50.


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