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Pests in brew house/ Need storage suggestions!

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Picked my self up one of these.

Suck on that mice!  If they chew through this, someone is telling me to give up homebrewing!  Or brew more, so I don't have spare grain for mice bait...hmmmmmm  50 gallon batches here we come! 8)

Get the green rodent blocks and bye bye mice problems.  Keep pets away from them, though!  I never have any trouble with Vittles Vaults, but could see right away that fermenting and cleaning would be an issue.  So no fermenting.  I have four - pilsner, 2 Row, MO, and bags of specialty grains.  I love them.

I just got two 55# bags of pale malt in.  Both bags fit nicely inside this trash can.  I decided to leave them in their bags and just place the two 55# bags in the can.  Fit's great side by side.

I have never used sterlite brand but have used Rubbermaid totes with lids
successfully for many years. I live rural and def have mice in the ballpark.
I store wild birdseed, brewry grains and other misc grain with no fail as of yet.
I put out bait and try to be diligent on the checking of the contents.  I personally
do no give a rats a$$ if the little dawgs hemorrage to death from eating warfarin!
Play on words intended
Have had them chew thru the boot of the shifter in my pickup and infest the cab
all over a bag of sunflower seeds...looked like a war zone...seeds and shiza everywhere.
I suppose they could chew thru the plastic rubbermaids if they were real desperate...
just has never happened yet....

You can trap them out, might take a while.   I use peanut butter on the new type of traps that have a small (about 1 1/2) plastic piece that holds the trigger,  they work like a charm, better than the old style.  I keep a couple baited all the time just to catch any that might get in my shop where my brewing setup is.


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