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Pests in brew house/ Need storage suggestions!

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Definitely going the trash can route.  Great suggestion!

I'm wondering if all of the grain should be tossed?  Any thoughts?  Err on the side of caution?  Or will any thing the mice could have done survive the boil? 

Unless there are turds and piss in the grain it is probably ok. Guess no-one really wants to know what's going in in granaries right? :P

I like to vac seal specialty grain and store it in the freezer. Bulk grain in a metal trashcan sounds like an excellent idea against rodents but be sure to use it up on a consistent basis or weevils will certainly appear. They won't hurt the beer though.

And for extra defense, set up some traps near where you store your grains.  Or better yet, set them near where they may be entering the area.  We've used these to get rid of any mice that like to enter our garage during the winter:

A cat. I have one. No mice. I do occasionally find a decapitated body in my driveway, though.

I use Vittle Vaults and Rubbermaid totes. Trash cans will also work if the lid seals tight. I also have a cat which helps.  ::)

They tend to come indoors when the weather starts getting cold. Get some mouse traps. Snickers bars work great.


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