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I brewed it today. I originally decided to brew a vaguely out-of-style bitter featuring glacier and domestic tettnanger. The plan was to hit about 1.044 with a 152 mash temperature, get the bitterness from Glacier (an excellent bittering hop for bitters, IME), and FWH with an ounce of the Domestic Tettnanger, then drop a full ounce each of Glacier and US Tettnanger at flameout for a more robust hop character (and because the glacier just smelled so good while I was measuring out the bittering hops). Everything went fine, except that I forgot my hydrometer (I brewed this while visiting my mom for the day), so I couldn't check the pre-boil gravity, and I accidentally boiled off a 1/2 gallon more than planned. And when I came home, the gravity read 1.050. I somehow got a 4% efficiency boost on top of the extra evaporated 1/2 gallon. So I have a fairly hoppy 1.050 bitter with 37 calculated IBUs. ESB I suppose. I may add some water to the fermenter tonight to drop it down to 1.044-1.046, but probably not.

So I now think my hydrometer is just wrong (it was reading everything 4-6 points too high). Anyway, I just bottled the batch today - I decided to give it a 25 g of crystal dry hops for 4 days before doing so. This is going to be an x-mas present beer, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I even think I may brew up a full-sized Vienna ESB in the near future with a similar hop bill, depending on how the beer tastes carbonated.

Sounds like a really nice beer. What yeast did you use?

I have yet to use Crystal in anything but I plan to soon. I think Zymurgy did a story using it as well as Mt. Hood and some others as potential substitutes for Hallertau in Pilsners. I'm curious about this hop.

"I may add some water to the fermenter tonight to drop it down to 1.044-1.046, but probably not."

Not sure what your experiences have been, but on every occasion I've added water to bring down OG, I've not cared for the results. I just leave it a bit big and roll with it as-is instead now.


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