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First lager attempt

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I'm going to try making a lager in March, fermenting it outdoors.  I've been trying a few things different because of my brewing situation as it is and one of them was to pitch both the yeast and the wort at near freezing temperatures.  Specifically, I used 1450 slurry from a previous batch and to my surprise it took off well after warming up to the high 50's or very low 60's.  Its the nicest looking krauzen I've seen since we moved back to Michigan.  So my next experiment will be with using lager yeast and letting it swing with the weather.  I'm figuring by the end of March it should be relatively decent, probably mid to high 40's.  Any thoughts?  Anybody tried it?

Btw... the beer from the first slurry tastes very much like an Oktoberfest... it has a maltier bite than I expected.  Definitely drinkable at least so far, I'm not sure if it got oxidized so I'm waiting and testing it, everyday.   ;D

I'd expect too big a temperature fluctuation outdoors.  But, I don't live where you do.  My experience has been that at some point, it'll get warm, then when it gets cold again, you won't get much yeast activity.  Do you feel lucky?

Thats the nice thing about water / liquids, the temperature doesn't swing as readily as air, its more like a trend on bellcurve and a moderate one at that.  So yes, I do feel lucky.   ;D

You could be really authentic and find a cave somewhere to lager it in, just like in medieval times.

Don't tempt me.   :D ;D


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