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I am thinking about buying a keg

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Is there some type of equipment, or kit, I should buy for cleaning it?

For a corny, you should get a brush that fits down the long dip tube.  If needed, everything else can be reached with a toilet brush or by disassembling the keg.  But a good soak with PBW should take care of pretty much everything.  If it is a used keg, save yourself the trouble and get a new set of o-rings and replace them right off (if it doesn't come with them already).

If you get more than one keg you might want to invest in a cleaning rig, but you don't really need it.

In The Sand:
Especially on the o-ring replacement because sometimes no matter how much you soak these they will hold odor.

Yep you need to specify! Cornies are easy but I see something like a commercial keg- even an 1/6 bbl very hard to keep clean without specialized equipment.

Jimmy K:
The right size deep-well socket or box wrench will help take the keg posts off for cleaning. I don't remember the size, but it is not one that I had on hand.  My adjustable wrench was too fat to be much use in the tight space between the handles.


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