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Thoughts on handling longterm guests

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Jimmy K:
We don't have that problem since we charge by the meeting ($1), not year. I agree that three is a good limit on free meetings. I'd just talk to him on the side at the next meeting.
Be matter of fact and tell him
* You've been to X meetings and seem to enjoy yourself
* Everyone here has paid dues
* If you're going to attend more meetings then you need to join.Any reasonable person should understand that.  If you're dues are on the calendar year, I'd give him December and tell him to just pay dues for next year.

People that want to show up to check out the club usually email our info address prior to showing up the first time and they are informed that they can attend one meeting with no strings attached. 99% of first time guests ask for a membership application and pay dues at the following meeting.  If they show up again with no intentions to join, they get a talking to. We're all adults with reasonable communication skills. .. at least for the first half of the night.

OBC is a really big club so our treasurer checks folks off a list as they come in.  Guests are not allowed to attend out meetings hosted by local brewpubs.


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