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Thoughts on handling longterm guests

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It is stated at the meetings. A list is published on who has paid dues, every now and then. There is always the part of the meeting where it is asked who is there for the first time, and they are asked to raise hands. It is also asked how long have you been brewing.

I don't know of any strong arm enforcers. More the honor system.

Edit - dues are prorated for the calendar year.


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--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on November 29, 2012, 05:50:53 PM ---First meeting is free, then you join. It has been stated that it is a homebrew club, not a drinking club,

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Can you shed some light on how you go about enforcing this?  That's what I'm looking for.


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Our treasurer is a dear lady, but she is also not shy.  We had a new guy attend a few meetings/events to check us out...we have 80+ members, but there is no missing a newcomer.  The new guy started making member-like comments and suggestions at the third or so meeting, and during a break Madam Treasurer politely but matter-of-factly asked if had paid dues, knowing that he hadn't.  He paid that night and has been an active member ever since.

Our treasurer is this man - the Brewgyver

He's very capable of subtlety suggesting you join.

For the most we don't worry about it but we also have a number of members I've never met.

In the one club I'm in that charges dues we tell people up front that they can either join after three meetings or stop coming.  Then we remind them if they don't volunteer to do so, in a friendly way.

Another club I'm in has no dues.  You join by going to the meetings and saying you want to join.

My old club allowed newbies a pass on the first meeting.  Allowed to tasted after the paid members were served.  After the first meeting only allowed to participate if dues were paid.  Stopped the moochers.


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