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Anyone have any experience using Topaz hops from Australia. It sounds very similar to Galaxy, but appears to have a "dank" quality to it.  Here is the description:

The Australian hop selection Topaz is a super high alpha seedless cultivar with a pronounced and unique hop flavor and aroma. Bred by Hop Products Australia at their Rostrevor Breeding Garden Victoria. Topaz has excellent flavour potential, to the point that a beer hopped solely with Topaz was the most preferred of a group of five single hop beers by tasters at Brau 2010. We are calling it a sister hop to Galaxy due to it's similarly high levels of 4MMP (hardcore hop heads will know what that means).
As a flavor addition Topaz can provide spice (almost clove) character and earthy notes similar in character to old English cultivars, and fruit flavour such as lychee can be detected in later additions and higher gravity brews. It would serve as a great companion to any of the citrusy hops for some serious depth of flavor.
Sam Adams used it, along with Galaxy in its Tasman Red IPA ( I have not tried this beer :-[)

Thinking of brewing a Southern Hemisphere IPA when the WLP Australian Ale platinum strain becomes available this spring, using it with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, and Mouteka hops.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, experiences?

This is a variety I've had my eye on, but I haven't tried it out yet. I don't know if I can bring myself to buy any more hops right now, but I've had a thought to do an all-Aussie hopped IPA with Galaxy, Summer and Topaz. The earthy, English hop thing is keeping me a bit gunshy. I've had a few other hops that have a fantastic aroma, but taste like a fruity Fuggles. Which basically makes them too fruity for an English IPA and too earthy for an American IPA/APA to me, so I only use them for flameout/dry hops.

Keep us posted if you try them.

I don't have any experience with this hop, but I have a very interesting book published by the Haas Co. that has a spider chart of flavors/aromas and their intensity.  The dark green is the hop in solution, the light green is the raw hop. 


Gonna need to get that book. Going on the list right now.


--- Quote from: neemox on December 09, 2012, 06:34:11 PM ---Gonna need to get that book. Going on the list right now.

--- End quote ---

Get ready for sticker shock...  100 euros.



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