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As far as dry hopping goes, add me to the "just chuck them loose in the primary" camp. I'd say that you start to hit diminishing returns at about 0.5 oz/gallon for a dry-hop rate. But I still dry-hop at a rate of about 1 oz/gallon for my IPA's. Having about 18 pounds of hops in the freezer gives you a little bit of a licence to be frivolous, though :D

If you don't have a vacuum sealer, here's an easy way to juryrig something that will get you close. Put your item to be sealed in a ziploc bag and close the zipper most of the way, but leave about a 1/2 inch opening. Place this inside a second ziploc bag. Put a straw in the outer bag and close it so just the straw is sticking out and the rest is sealed. Suck out as much air as possible with the straw. Once you have as much air out as possible, snap the inner bag closed while maintaining suction. It's not as good as a machine could do, but it's a bit better than just squeezing out the air.


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