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dry yeast for biere de mars

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Hello! i would like to make a biere de mars batch soon....Because of geography location i can only buy dry yeast. Is the saflager 34/70 dry yeast good enough to make a biere de mars, o what other option do i have to make an accurate style?


actually i was thinking using that saflager strain on the warmer side or US-05 or nottingham on the cold side... what do you recommend me?

I would go with S-05.  The biere de mars I've had are actually pretty clean tasting.

thanks! any suggestion for temperature profile in fermentation?

I used US-05 on my last biere de garde and was very happy with it.  I started fermentation in the low 60's and let it rise up to about 68 as it started to slow down.  I think it finished around 1.011 (from 1.075). 


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