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I got 2 knives for Christmas this year. One is a Wustof 8 inch chefs knife, very sharp and beautiful. I'm going to keep this one. the other I got was  JA Henkel 6 inch utility knife. Also very sharp and beautiful but I don't have much use for it. I know it cost my in-laws a pretty penny and I have the gift receipt. I wanted to return in a get something else for the collection and I was wondering what everyone thinks would be a good idea.

I now have 2- 8 inch chefs knives, a santoku 8 inch knife, and a bread knife. What would be the next in line. I'm thinking a boning knife or a filet type knife, something very thin and flexible.


look at these knives i have two. specifically the salami knife.  it is carbon steel made in solingen germany (same as wusthov) it is my go to knife for almost anything. however, i am not sure that you can find them in the USA.  they were gifts from kids from solingen.


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