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Really all you need is one good knife for almost all applications. Then at some point you can branch off, but I'd recommend at least an 8"+ Chef's knife to start with. This will give you bang for the buck be it chopping, slicing or de-boning meat and vegetables.


--- Quote from: mihalybaci on December 01, 2012, 11:26:02 PM ---I have a Shun 8" santoku and a Shun Pro 10 1/2" yanagiba knife, and I highly recommend them. They are extremely sharp and they're well-balanced. They'll run about $120-160 each, depending on sale price. I haven't used the Victorinox Forschner Fibrox, but, as already mentioned, they're the preferred knife of America's Test Kitchen and performed just as well as $100+ knives in their tests.

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I bought my wife a Shun Chef's Knife for XMas last year and she loves it.  They work great and I think the damascus blades are beautiful.

I still use a 35 year old Wusthof set.

8" Shun santoku is a good all-around knife. If you'll only have one "good" knife that's a good style to get, or a chef's-style like others suggested. Some Wuesthof knives are kinda heavy. If you have a local source, it'd be a good idea to get a feel for it before you buy. Some brands have a weight/balance/handle shape that may not work as well for you as others.


--- Quote from: bernman on December 01, 2012, 09:50:39 PM ---Looking for recomendations for a kitchen knife set. I am not a pro chef so I don't need a $400.00 set of knives. I am looking for something good quality in the $100.00-$150.00 or so range. I have read reviews for a number of sets in that price range and they mixed. I was looking at Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set
 online and the reviews are good and it is in my price range. Any suggestions or recomendations?


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I have the Victorinox set for a year now. Quality blades and sharp. I recommend it, especially for the price.


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