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Wow! What a great SEC championship game! Roll Tide! :D

Roll Tide Roll!  One of the best games I've ever seen, even if Bama would have loss.  When AJ hit Coop for the go ahead TD, I scared the crap out of my dogs and my 3-year-old daughter was asking my wife "what's wrong w/ Daddy?"  My wife explained that Bama scored a TD and my daughter started yelling "Roll Tide!" 

Agree, one of the best college games I have seen in a while. COuld have gone either way. Best game all around I have seen this season. Notre Dame outta be pissing in their breeches. :P

The amount of NFL talent on that field was just ridiculous.  Anything can happen, but we should just run right through ND.

I'm a Florida man myself, but damn good game and please, crush ND.


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