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Simcoe/Amarillo/Citra is an awesome hop combo. I would double your whirlpool hops and triple your dry hops. Otherwise, it looks good to me. I've done an IPA very similar to this and the hop character was fantastic.

So the consensus seems to be to up the late additions quite a bit.  Going with what I have on hand, I'll definitely double up the 5min and WP additions.  I may be able to do the same for the 15min.  I have an oz each of whole leaf I had planned on using for the DH, beyond that it may be another trip to the LHBS. 
The efficiency is set at 75 I think.  I usually come in between 70-73, occasionally better.  We will see how this goes, a little lower wont be the biggest problem. 
I may tool around with a FWH in the future but will probably leave it out this go round.  I feel the need to use these hops all in the later stages as they are tough to find.  Thanks for the tips. Cheers!


--- Quote from: a10t2 on December 04, 2012, 03:08:01 AM ---MOAR HOPS. For 11 gal of IPA I'd use 4.3 oz each at 20, 10, WP, and DH. I might also reduce the bittering charge a bit. I shoot for 35 IBU, and Tinseth puts you at 40-50 depending on alpha acids.

Unrelated, but your efficiency works out in the mid-70s for 10 gal, low-80s for 11 gal. Just checking.

--- End quote ---



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