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5 Gallon Whiskey Soaked Barrels now available!

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Texas distillery blue corn whiskey barrels need homes.

5 Gallon  - $99 - http://www.homebrewing.com/equipment/whiskey-barrel.php

dang, quite the mark up from the $50 balcones charges huh?

I guess if you only need one though... does that include shipping?

Jimmy K:
Website says no free shipping.

Shipping to Maryland looks like $30.

Our club is doing a group buy from Woodinville Whiskey Co. for their 8-gallon bourbon and rye barrels.  Their volume price (11 or more barrels) is $95 plus shipping (about $35 per barrel from Seattle to Maryland).

I would venture a guess that if Balcones charges $50/each the homebrew shop had to pay for shipping on all the barrels on top of that. I believe Balcones usually only sells by the pallet now which might be cheaper shipping in bulk but probably still $20-30 per barrel. They probably aren't making as much off the barrels as you think. On the other hand, people are so desperate for barrels 100% markup would not surprise me.


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