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Not a good time to be a French Brewer 8^(

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Sorry if anyone thought this was about politics.  I saw the article, thought of Phil and thought people would find it interesting. 

I was rather shocker by the weight of the tax on the brewer.  Even in Iowa where no "sin" makes the state more money than booze doesn't hit breweries this hard.  Iowa makes it's money off hard liquor.   ;)


It's absolutely about politics IMO but I doubt there are any PS or Front Gauche on this forum, so I'm not worried about offending anyone.

Another thing coming into effect soon is the change to the VAT on food - from 5 and change to 9%, and if I'm not mistaken, VAT on alcohol itself from 9 to 14.5%. That will probably have the bigger impact, because 160% increase on excise tax on beer only changes the price by 10 cents, but a 4% increase on all restaurant purchases can really add up.

All of this is pretty sad, really, because the taxes they're raising are going to pay for the lie that is the 35 hour work week, among other things. I could go on, but I won't, but if any of you ever come to Paris ill surely talk your ear off about it.

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--- Quote from: Slowbrew on December 04, 2012, 05:20:50 PM ---The French government is proposing a 120-160% tax on brewers.  Wine and Champagne would be exempted.



--- End quote ---

As an aside, what's fun is that I know every single person in that video. And La Fine Mousse is a great bar.

I hate misleading headlines like "160% tax increase."

Without getting into whether sin or consumption taxes are actually a good idea, In MO we have the lowest tobacco taxes in country. They recently tried to raise tobacco taxes by $0.0365 per cigarette, or $0.73 per pack, which was roughly a 750% increase in the tobacco tax. Of course people were outraged by the 750% number, and no one was aware the actual increase would be less than 75 cents. 


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