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Sourdough starter from sour mashed grain

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Jimmy K:
The berliner sourdough had a mild sourdough smell and flavor. Not as tangy as real sourdough, but at least as good as some supermarket sourdough.

that's pretty cool! alot of sourdough starter recipes actually have you add a small amount of bread yeast at the begining so I bet adding a bottle of BW to a normal bread sponge starter would be a great way to kick start your sourdough, then just leave it alone and feed it as normal and you would still develope some funky wild yeast over time.

I believe you have to build it up and it'll only get really sour until it has been in use for a while. So keep at it.

Jimmy K:
This berliner was sour mashed, then boiled and fermented with ale yeast. It is very tart but all the lacto is dead. I think using unboiled sour mashed wort is really the way to go. That would really jumpstart the starter.

Seems like a good zymurgy article.


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