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I am going to do another experimental small batch now that my sourdough one is done but I need some information before proceeding.  How much wheat can you use in a recipe and do you need a percentage of malted barley?   What would you use for bittering a beer if you couldn't use hops?

You need enzymes. so either malted barley or malted wheat.

I just did a beer with 100% malted wheat and no hops just heather tips. it was nice. one bottle left. took 1 lb or heather tips to get enough flavor and bittering in there but it worked out in the end. mash stuck something fierce though. luckily when batch sparging you just stir it up real good and start over.

And while I've never done this, I've read where dried nettles have been used instead of hops.

I don't know why anyone would want a beer without hops, but there is a whole list of herbs that could potentially be used for bitterness in Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher. They won't necessarily share hops' preservative qualities, however.

Joe Sr.:
There is a commercially produced heather beer that uses no hops. The heather supposedly provides bittering.

I have not tried it in years, as I found it to be nasty. But I think they still make it, so someone must be buying it.


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