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Ideal temp for WLP051

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This is chunky...

Day after pitching:

3 days after:

Craaap. My first stalled fermentation.   :'( Even after bringing it up to 71 and swirling it's stuck at 1.025 (should be around 1.014). I dumped a packet of US-05 in there, hopefully I'll see some more activity in the morning.

I'm 99% sure it is NOT a wort issue: I mashed at 147F.

Could be my starter size was too small. The yeast was only 50% viable. I ended up with a smaller volume of starter wort than I should have (mis-measured). And I forgot to add any yeast nutrient to the starter wort.

Or it could be aeration. This was a 1.076 wort. The tube from the fish tank pump was loose so I wasn't getting full volume of air. (I just got an O2 kit so by-by to the fish tank pump!)

Anyway, no worries. I'll drink it as-is if I have to...overly sweet, 6% alcohol hop bomb that it is currently!  ;D


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