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Hopping levels to balance a big milk stout

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I'm gonna try my first big beer.  I wanna do a big Imperial milk stout but I'm getting caught up in the amount of hops to use.
Here's the grain bill:
12 lbs Maris Otter
1 lb C120
8 oz Roasted Barley
8 oz Pale Chocolate
4 oz Black Patent
1 lb lactose
1 lb sucrose (caramelized before adding to boil kettle).
Vanilla bean added after initial fermentation subsides.

Beersmith says about 1.100 for a 5 gal batch.  I was going to just use Magnum instead of EKG because there is no flavour addition and if I just want bitter, Magnum would be easier.  I'm thinking 1 oz of 13.5% AA US Magnum for an anticipated 33 IBU but is that enough to balance that much malt?  I know it's supposed to be sweet, I just don't want syrup.

It's going onto a large pitch of WLP007 that I have ready.  Beersmith is telling me estimated FG of 1.013 which I don't believe for a second with that much malt and lactose.  I do not yet have a way to oxygenate this wort besides the shaking method.  I know that probably won't be sufficient but I've been unsuccessful finding an affordable O2 option (I haven't found those little tanks in the hardware store that you guys all seem to be able to get).

I would think that recipe could handle up to 60 IBUs but that may just be me.  I recently brewed an Oatmeal stout that was only 1.055 OG but came in at around 40 IBUs and was quite nicely balanced.

As far as the O2 containers, if you have a Lowes they are in the tool section over by the welding equipment.

If I were a bettin' man I'd put money on ~1.020 FG due to the pound of C120 & a pound of lactose. IMO, that's where I like them to be anyway. It is a Sweet Stout and you're really not looking to balance it with the hops. 60 IBU's might be okay. I'd probably stick with the ~33 IBU's or just a skosh more...  YMMV.  I wouldn't be afraid to put a pound of Chocolate in it either. Personal preference I guess. Love that chocolate... Cheers!!!

Jimmy K:
I'd guess a higher FG too. Beersmith doesn't seem to account for the fermentability of ingredients.
I'm doing an RIS from the Sept/Oct 2010 Zymurgy. It has an OG of 1.090 and 39 IBU.

Jimmy K:
I just opened my fridge and saw that the RIS also uses magnum hops.


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