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What's Brewing This Weekend - 12/7 Edition

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Not sure if I'm brewing yet.  I'm bottling five gallons each of dry stout, American stout and oatmeal stout.  I was busy brewing over Thanksgiving break.  If I do brew I will attempt cloning Shlafly APA- all Cascade and Chinook. Or a Maibock  for a long lagering.

Saturday showing some "Wine guys" how to homebrew beer! I am going to be brewing O'flanagains stout. I've read good things about it so I'm very excited.

I will also be racking my american wheat to the keg and then adding 2lbs of cantaloupe!


Smoked  Porter. 4 lbs smoked over crabapple wood.

Bottling the rum-oaked porter and racking the eggnog milk stout. Also bottling my Chang, a fermented tibetan rice beer.

Brewing a Quad to go on the Unibroue yeast cake from my Amber.


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