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Made 10g of a Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale clone.  Split half in a bucket, half in a Better Bottle for primary.  Used WLP037 (only 8 days old when it arrived) and made an appropriate starter which I decanted and split in to 2 equal glasses to pitch.  Fermented side by side at 65F.  Raised to 67F 3 days ago.

At 2 weeks and a couple of days the BB is at 1.016 and the bucket is at 1.012.  WTF?


ahh the vagaries of nature.

slightly more yeast or o2 in bucket? slight stratification when you ran off into the fermenters?

Maybe the starter settled a bit before you split it and the bucket got more initial yeast (037 is a high flocculator)?  Bigger headspace in the bucket led to better oxygenation at the start?  Maybe the wort into the bucket had a lower OG than the bottle due to kettle stratification?

I'm just taking wild guesses here.

Two speculative thoughts.  I brew 10 gal batches which I split equally between two carboys.  I often make a single starter which I then split approximately equally between the two carboys.  I often find that one carboy starts and finishes faster than the other which I assume is due to different amounts of yeast.  I don't generally measure the FG of both carboys assuming they finish at the same FG.

Did you see one batch start faster than the other? 

Is it possible there is more air going into the bucket before and during the fermentation causing a more complete fermentation in the bucket?

Beer Gremlins.


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