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Effects of process variables on carbonation

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--- Quote from: Joe Sr. on December 06, 2012, 09:43:24 AM ---My experience, along with what I have read, is that carbonating soda requires higher pressure due to the amount of sugar.

It may also be that sodas have a higher carbonation level, but I know that my root beer keg gets 45 psi and has a looooooong serving line to drop the pressure to reasonable level at the glass.

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Soda is more carbonated than beer - my sodas get 2x the psi as my beers do.  The sugar level really isn't all that high, SG should be about 1.050.

Thanks for the help, to clarify a little more, because iI just realized how poorly I explained the project. We are actually going to attempt to build a mathematical model based upon the variables I listed that can predict the set points needed to achieve a desired carbonation level. We have a good deal of data about the solubility based upon the temperature, and a little bit on the sugar content. But havent been able to find much of anything about how the other variables listed will effect the desired carbonation level. I think we are going to have to just do a bunch of experimenting to determine the effects because it just doesnt seem like there is much out there. Thanks a lot though, what you have been able to provide has really been helpful!


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